How should I prepare for the conference?


What should I bring, or how should I prepare for the conference?


Prepare for the conference by wearing comfortable clothes, as many of the sessions may involve movement. Pick a spot where you won’t be interrupted and can focus on listening to or watching the conference event. Multitasking will definitely decrease your learning! Give your full attention to the experience as you would at a live conference event. You will benefit with this approach.

Have a journal ready so you can capture ideas, insights, or key learning points. Sit in a comfortable chair or spot to listen. Have a blanket or sticky mat ready for movement and floor work. If getting up and down off the floor is a limitation, use a couch or a bed for the supine exercises like yoga relaxation.

Make sure you have printed out your session handouts so you can follow along with the speaker. Remember, you can put a group together or join an existing group to increase your participation.

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