What should I expect from a Virtual Conference?


I have no idea what a virtual conference is. What should I expect?


First, follow the same steps you do in a normal conference — look through the topics, speakers, and agenda to decide what sessions you want to attend. Unlike a traditional conference, however, you can be at two places at once! Since each workshop is recorded, you can listen to one of the sessions that you missed if you had a schedule conflict.

Then, just like you would do in a traditional conference, block out those days and times in your calendar (or if that weekend is booked, block out another time to participate by listening to the recorded conference).

Next, pick a place where you want to listen to the conference sessions. This may be with a group at a yoga studio, at a friend’s house, or by yourself in a room in your own home. You can also mix and match — do some sessions alone and some with a group.

Then download and print any handouts you want from the sessions you’ve picked. This way you will have them ready and it will also give you a moment to review them before the session begins.

When the session you want to join begins, simply pick up your phone and dial the number you’ve been given. This will connect you to the conference. It’s best to dial in to the call and be settled at least five minutes before the session is ready to begin. There will be an opportunity to ask questions in live events during the call or you can connect on the online forum.

There will be some stretching sessions that will be in video format. If that’s the case, just log on to the conference site and link to the video to participate.

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